An eye for design, a mind for programming, and desire to combine these skills. Hi, I'm Allison. :)

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Programming has been a hobby that has interested me for over a decade. I started playing around with html/css during my time as an Inflight Standards Supervisor at Frontier Airlines. I created and maintained a website for airline personnel. As the years have progressed since I started this journey (12 years, to be exact), it seems that every position I have held since has required some ability to program; this has been my favorite part of every job I've had. I decided to start building websites for clients in 2014, but realized that if I wanted to keep growing as a programmer, I would need to take some courses. Enter: Udacity. I was tasked with a project at my current job that I felt ill-equipped to tackle, so I decided to take some courses to improve my skills in JavaScript. During this journey of learning JavaScript, I have acquired skills in Python, SQL, and have enhanced my CSS3 by learning Bootstrap3. I love bringing my faith into everything I do, whether it is running a half-marathon or simply striving to be a better person.

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